Why Smart Small Business Owners Are Using Creaticom Interactive's JUST-IN-TIME Marketing Systems to Get New Customers and Keep Regular Customers Coming Back On Demand

Now You can instantly get your business in front of your best customers on demand.  Our Interactive Marketing Systems drive new customers to your business using a combination of quality Direct Mail Postcards coupled with Digital Marketing Systems to build your customer list. We create DFY Interactive Private Digital VIP Communities that enable you to provide customized daily offers to your best customers with just the touch of a button.  Our noBot Text-to-Chat System gives your customers a personalized customer service experience using real-time chat with a personal concierge to solve problems and answer questions without getting stuck in the Bot loop.  If you join our VIP Print Community you will save money on your small business printing essentials like business cards, banners, yard signs, posters, and promotional items. Best of all we are focussed on small local businesses in the Northern Kentucky communities we service. And better yet because we are a small business just like you we are affordable; we don’t have huge printing facilities to pay for nor do we service national accounts that outspend small local businesses. Whether you own or operate an established business or you are a new emerging business we help you compete locally and build your long-term business value so if someday you desire to sell your business you will have a valuable business with an active customer list that business buyers will pay a premium for. We are Creative. We are Interactive. We are all about your success. Give us a try.  If you desire to learn more simply click the TEXT US button located in the lower right.

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Creaticom - Who are we?

Creaticom Interactive  offers interactive multi-channel Print, Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Services that help small businesses create advertising and marketing campaigns that deliver new customers and generate more income from current customers. With years of experience building businesses in the offline and online marketing field, we’re here to help your company attract more customers and grow your sales. We get how difficult it is to start and maintain a business. So allow us to assist you in building your brand, by reducing print costs and providing exceptional customer service.