Smart Small Business Owners Are Using Creaticom Interactive's JUST-IN-TIME Marketing Systems to Get New Customers and Keep Regular Customers Coming Back On Demand

Now You can instantly get your business in front of your best customers on demand .  We create custom Interactive Marketing systems that connect you with your best customer with just the touch of a send button. Imagine it is a cold rainy Tuesday.  Your business will be slower than usual and you would love to fill the extra capacity in your dining room. The Generic Solution Strategy: You send a generic email to your customer list and you post a generic “we are open meme” on Facebook and Instagram.   Results are dismal because open rates for email continue to drop and not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram.  Besides generic “we are open”  posts on social media offer little incentive to customers to leave their comfort zone and visit your establishment.   A Better Solution: Send a Mass Text offering a special flash deal right to the phone of your VIP Club customers.  It is Just-In-Time On-Demand Marketing at the touch of a button!  

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Creaticom - Who are we?

Creaticom Interactive  offers interactive multi-channel Print, Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Services that help small businesses create advertising and marketing campaigns that deliver new customers and generate more income from current customers. With years of experience building businesses in the offline and online marketing field, we’re here to help your company attract more customers and grow your sales. We get how difficult it is to start and maintain a business. So allow us to assist you in building your brand, by reducing print costs and providing exceptional customer service.