Building Your Customer List Builds Your Business Value.

Hi. I am Bob Miller, Founder and Owner of Creaticom Interactive.   I have been involved in the purchase and sale of hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses and worked with some of the top print franchise companies and advertising agencies during my career. Now I only focus on helping local Northern Kentucky business owners affordably grow their businesses by utilizing print, direct mail, and digital marketing.  It is my way of giving back to our communities by helping small businesses thrive.

There are only three ways to grow your business.

  1. Get more new customers.
  2. Get Your Current Customers to visit your business more often
  3. Get Your Current Customers to spend more each time they visit

This is how we help new and established businesses build cash flow and long-term business value.

  1. Our strategy focuses on building your short-term cash flow and your long-term business value by helping you build a clean, established customer list. Your list is one of your business’s most valuable assets.  If you ever would want (or need) to sell your business your customer list will be an important part of the sale.
  2. Our tactic is to work with you to create highly desirable offers that inspire new customers to give your business a try and your current customers to frequent your business more often and spend more when they visit. Your offer is the most important element of your marketing and advertising followed by where you are mailing to and then what your card looks like. A great offer to a solid list beats a beautiful ad design every time. Think offer, list, design vs design, list, offer.  Bad Offer = Lousy Response every time
  3.  Once we create a great offer we design and print high quality thick glossy postcards that stand out among all the other marketing clutter your customers receive in their mail and couple this with digital marketing to retarget your customer list online.
  4. We then mail these postcards to every household located on select US Post Office carrier routes located in local neighborhoods where your best customers reside. In some instances, we may be even more selective and use a custom list or a new mover list that targets a specific market area.



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Creaticom - Who are we?

Creaticom Interactive  offers interactive multi-channel Print, Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Services that help small businesses create advertising and marketing campaigns that deliver new customers and generate more income from current customers. With years of experience building businesses in the offline and online marketing field, we’re here to help your company attract more customers and grow your sales. We get how difficult it is to start and maintain a business. So allow us to assist you in building your brand, by reducing print costs and providing exceptional customer service.